Review: The Grillroom Chophouse and Wine Bar (Loop)

There is no shortage of steakhouses in Chicago. All you have to do is view the downtown area on Google maps to see an abundance of them–in the Loop, the Gold Coast, and River North. But how do you decide which one will provide you with the best experience?

You try them all, one by one.

One that we hadn’t heard of before was the Grillroom Chophouse and Wine Bar at 33. West Monroe Street in the Loop. Located right across the street from the CIBC Theatre, the Grillroom Chophouse proivdes an ideal location for those looking to catch dinner and a show.

We made a reservation for 6:30 on a Friday night, and we were greeted at the door with great friendliness from the hosts. We were asked if we were celebrating anything. We were–a job promotion. The hosts offered congratulations before we were taken to our seat, which I thought was quite a bright spot in our experience.

Our server was very attentive and helpful, providing recommendations on which sides to choose from, as well as going over all the specials in detail.

We started off with the jumbo shrimp cocktail for $16. Perhaps we are inexperienced, but it wasn’t what we expected. There were four shrimp and they weren’t what we’d call “jumbo”.  Nevertheless, they were good. We just hoped we’d get a little more for what we paid.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted seafood or steak, so I went the surf and turf at $60.

grillroom chophouse

This was a special, and those are cheese mashed potatoes and green beans on the side. The lobster came with a beautiful butter sauce and au jus for the steak.

The meal was a definite treat and all was cooked to perfection.

Wes ordered the 22 oz Prime Ribeye at $48. He also ordered a side of potatoes based on the recommendation of our waiter, which came separately from the entree.


He ordered the steak medium-rare, and while he wasn’t “wowed”, he notes that it was good. While he can’t quite put his finger on it, he wasn’t in love with the potatoes and wishes he got either a baked potato or mashed potatoes.

That said, we were both satisfied with our meal and decided forego dessert.

To sum it up, we would say that we enjoyed our experience. A few items left us wanting a little more, but overall everything was cooked well. It’s also important to note we were very happy with the service. Our waiter was knowledgeable and kind. He was attentive but at the same time we didn’t feel like he was intruding on our meal or hovering, expecting us to order more drinks.

Would we recommend the Grillroom Chophouse? Yes. We’d definitely go again. In fact, Wes says he feels like he needs to go again to experience more. I agree. Perhaps on our next special occasion.

If you find yourself in the Loop, this place is worth checking out.


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