Review: Fatduck Tavern & Grill (Forest Park)

After an afternoon of sun and physical activity, there’s nothing more rewarding than a delicious, hearty dinner.

This past weekend, we celebrated a friend’s birthday with a round of bubble soccer-which if you are unfamiliar, involved everyone putting on a bubble suit and attempting to kick a ball into a goal while bumping into each other and knocking each other down.

Long story short, we required sustenence.

We gathered at the Fat Duck Tavern & Grill in Forest Park to satisfy are immense hunger.

Fatduck is known for its “Duck fat fries” which are proudly advertised on its website and menu. So we already knew we’d be trying these out. Additionally, there is a full bar and the beer list is pretty extensive.

When I attempt ot describe these fries, I fear that I will not do them justice. To say they were soaked in oil would be accurate, but it wasn’t disappointing. as stated on the menu, duck fat is similar in texture and taste to olive oil. We also got an order of truffle fries, which I preferred over the duck fat fries.

Wesley says of the experience:

The staff was attentative and accomodating.  The duckfat fries were pretty good but I felt tasted better with more salt.  The inside was of a comfortable temperature but the urinals smelled a bit.  My friend told me to try the crispy duck breast which I was looking at already as well as the ribs but I decided to try something duck-related.


Pictured above, Wes’s order: Crispy Duck Breast ($18.95)

Port Wine, Seared, Cooked Medium-Rare, Sauteed Spinach, Mashed Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Presentation was very nice. The taste (of course I had a bite) was unique and the dish was well executed. Wes says: “I don’t know what good duck is supposed to taste like, but to me it tasted alright. The sweet potato and spinach tasted good.”

We never claimed to be professionals. Just experiencing food as taste it.

For my order, I decided to go with the “Duck of the Morning Burger” ($14.50):


Fried Egg, Pepper Jack Cheese, Duck Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion

It was my first time trying duck bacon. It was, as our waitress explained, similar in taste to turkey bacon. For a side, I could choose between Duck fat fries and coleslaw. Since we had the fries for our appetizer, I went with the coleslaw, which was refreshing.

What was extraordinary, Wes and I both agree, was the service. Our party of 9 was accomodated very well. We were able to split the check several ways, and the menu was explained to us with patience and care.

It’s worth noting that while my burger was cooked the way I ordered it (medium), 2 people in our party ordered their burgers medium-well and complained they were dry and one, who ultimately sent his back, was slightly burned. Despite this, the waitress kindly took the burger and replaced it, checking in with him later to ensure it was cooked to his liking.

To sum it up, our experience at Fatduck was overall good. Service was great, food was good. Meals were on the pricier side, but not exhorbitant. We also feel that since there were so many options, we’d like to explore more of what Fatduck has to offer.

Would we recommend it? Yes. If you are looking for a good burger or sandwich and a beer, you’ll have plenty of options and a likely pleasant time.

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